What is Arvelium all about?

Our world is in peril. The collective consciousness of Earth’s humans has fractured into two groups – those who follow the path of thoughtless consumption and apathy known as “Dominion” and those who have woken up and have begun following the path of acceptance and empathy known as “Arvelium.” As Earth’s life force continues to drain away, bubbles of protection begin to form around small chunks of land and water in different parts of the planet. These invisible force fields are called “andicaries”.

The story begins with one particular andecary called Tamarack Lane, a large wooded estate owned by the Keeley family. For generations the Keeleys have vowed to protect this special land and any rare or magical creatures that may come to them for help. In this first book, “Welcome Back to Tamarack Lane”, Rose Keeley has just passed away and left the land and the responsibility of Caretaker to her favorite grandson, Sam Harvey. Sam begins his new adventure with a fuzzy memory of his past experiences of Tamarack Lane and a lot of questions: why did his dear grandmother choose to block parts of his memory? Why is the protection spell surrounding this andecary fading away? And most importantly, can anything be done about it?!?

The story of Arvelium spans across several timelines and worlds, each book will have its own contained story to tell but will connect to the larger narrative. Each new world and new group of characters may think they are in their own story, but they will all eventually learn that they are all connected and they are all going to have to face the ultimate truth – our universe is hurtling toward an endgame. Will we fall into the deep, apathetic trance of Dominion or will we finally rise up and open our hearts to the vibrations of love and empathy. Do we still have enough time to reach Arvelium?