Sam Harvey

The grandson of Rose Keeley and possibly the last Caretaker of Tamarack Lane. Sam is very passionate about upholding the title of Caretaker to the Tamarack Lane andwary, even if at times he feels he’s not worthy of it. While he is very protective of all the residents of the Tamarack Boarding House, Sam has a special place in his heart for his childhood friends, November Tuesday, Vierling J-5 and Emily Langstrom.

Personality Traits – Closet optimist, anxious but learning to center himself

Vocation – Caretaker of the Tamarack Lane andwary (formerly a librarian)

Hobbies – Hiking, writing and drawing comics and RPG board games

Favorite Drink – Tea (English breakfast) and single malt scotch

Special Abilities – ?

Emily Langstrom

A childhood friend of Sam Harvey, Emily is the owner and operator of Auntie Em’s Animal Sanctuary, an animal rescue that is nestled on the border of the Tamarack Lane estate. Emily is concerned about animal rights and the environment. She is married to Daniel Langstrom, who works for the giant corporation, L&T, who is known for many environmental and animal rights violations which often puts their relationship on edge. Danny works in the research department but he has promised Emily that his real job is to create social change from the inside out.

Personality Traits – Closet pessimist, independent and determined

Vocation – Owner / operator of Auntie Em’s Animal Sanctuary

Hobbies – Hiking, independent news blogs, gardening

Favorite Drink – black coffee and pale ales

Special abilities – Emily can understand / communicate with most animals, even outside of the magical protection of Tamarack Lane (inside Tamarack Lane, some common animals are gifted with human language and it is gone when they leave). Although it isn’t confirmed, it is believed that Rose Keeley may have something to do with Emily’s special gift.

November Tuesday

A permanent resident of the Tamarack Lane boarding house and one of Sam’s oldest and most trusted friends. November Tuesday the cat is loud and opinionated and is often prone to knee-jerk reactions. He is very suspicious of outsiders and does not like change – at all. Although he may seem like a curmudgeon at first glance, November is often the first one to crack a joke, even when he and his friends are in the most dangerous of situations. November’s past is a mystery to even himself. He does not remember anything before his time at the Tamarack Boarding house, although he will sometimes have dreams that take him down dark hallways with blinking florescent lights… dreams that will have him wake up in a panic.

Personality Traits – Loyal to his close friends, a worrier, often uses humor to defuse tense situations

Vocation – Assistant to the Caretaker

Hobbies – Eating and sleeping

Favorite Drink – Anything that has a fizz to it (soda, beer, etc.)

Special abilities – If being able to take a nap just about anywhere is a special ability…

Vierling J-5

Vierling J-5 – Also a permanent resident of the Tamarack Boarding house and one of Sam’s closest friends, Vierling describes himself as a “magic robot”. His main energy source is the glowing orb in the center of his body and its contents are a mystery, even to Vierling himself. The only one that holds the answers to Vierling’s energy source is a Master Lightfisher by the name of Jaquant Droz. Jaquant helped create Vierling at the request of Rose Keeley as a gift to her grandson, Sam on his eighth birthday. Vierling’s design is based on a character in a comic book Sam used to draw called, “Robot Friends!”

Personality Traits – Highly protective of his friends, inquisitive, constantly searching for the meaning in things

Vocation – Assistant to the Caretaker

Hobbies – Reading fiction and non-fiction, especially books on religion and philosophy / a birder with an impressive life list

Favorite Drink – Tea of any kind

Special abilities – Harnessing power from his energy orb, Vierling is able to gain short bursts of extra strength as well as a few other hidden talents yet to be revealed

Captain Mooney

Coming soon…

Dr. Xae

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