Reference Guide

The reference guide is up! I will be adding character and creature profiles as often as I can. Today’s installment to kick it off: Sam Harvey, of course.

2 thoughts on “Reference Guide”

  1. Hey, I just came back to this comic, due to the fact that it was updated sporadically, and it seems to have changed in to a book? Was there an update post sometime back?

  2. Hello, Vasu. Yes, before I revamped the website (complete with name change) I had posted on the here and on other mobile sites like LineWebtoon and Tapasitc, that Tamarack Lane would now be a series of books. It wasn’t just the updating schedule that helped me make that decision. I also felt the quality of the updates on a regular schedule was affecting the story as well. This way, I can tell the stories I want and hopefully you will still want to read them when I’m done with them. The first book is still due this year. Hope you stick around. Please sign up for the newsletter and you will get emails with updates on the book. Thanks!

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